The South African Ndeble are world famous for the artistry of their decor

What is a khaya?

In most languages of sub-Saharan Africa, Ma'Khaya means "our home"... and more than that.
The saying goes that "An Englishman's home is his castle". In traditional African societies this goes further and extends to an enormous "family" that may comprise simply persons of similar surname or belonging to the same area.
The house may be built of wattle-and-daub (Adobe) or sun-baked brick (even Pharaoh's palaces), woven reeds or saplings but modern architects have noted the ergonomic sense that they make.

Building, extending and rebuilding is a family and community affair.
When it's all done, the house provides:safety, identity, belonging, friendship and community roots

Ma'Khaya follows this tradition wholeheartedly in what it offers